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Empower us to drive the development of new knowledge, new forms of expression, and new clinical care.

Assemble the smartest and most dedicated people, give them the resources and facilities they need, and they’ll change the world. With this seemingly simple formula, the faculty and students of Johns Hopkins have produced unparalleled new knowledge in science and technology, public health and medicine, and the arts and humanities. With your support, we will invest in our faculty at the highest level in our history.

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Enable more students to share in the rigors and richness of a Johns Hopkins education.

Johns Hopkins will always be a place where the best young minds can come to find their life’s work. Help us provide more scholarships and fellowships, and at the same time bring new richness to the student experience: more opportunities to interact with professors, to engage in independent research, to participate in internships, community-focused programs, and athletics, and to lead student organizations that apply classroom learning.

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Join us to develop evidence-based, cross-disciplinary solutions for critical global problems—and improve life for millions.

Across our campuses and schools, the faculty of Johns Hopkins have set their sights on complex global problems which we are exceptionally well positioned to take on—in water sustainability, individualized and global health, the revitalization of our cities, and understanding how we teach and learn. With your support we will foster the new cross-disciplinary approaches these and other problems will demand.

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Rising to the Challenge is a $5 billion campaign that supports faculty, students, and clinicians across Johns Hopkins and the work they do to improve our world. We invite you to explore campaign priorities and divisional goals and to consider ways in which you can join in this historic effort.

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One of the most gratifying aspects of the campaign to date is the enormous and broad participation we have seen, with more than 257,000 donors making more than 778,000 gifts.
Rising to the Challenge co-chairs

Heather H. Murren
A&S ’88, Parent ’18
Trustee, The Johns Hopkins University

Charles I. Clarvit
A&S ’78
Trustee, The Johns Hopkins University

Mayo A. Shattuck, III
Trustee, The Johns Hopkins University
Vice Chair, Johns Hopkins Medicine Board of Trustees