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CTY parents and advisory board members support 2017 summer program scholarships

Posted October 12, 2017
Photo by Howard Korn Photo by Howard Korn

When Center for Talented Youth Advisory Council member Peter Hammack and his wife, Beth, learned about an unexpected surge in financial aid applications from qualified students for CTY's Summer Programs this year, they jumped at the chance to help the students attend.

Beth Hammack is a partner at Goldman Sachs and recommended the corporation's donor-advised fund, Goldman Sachs Gives, to support CTY scholarship. The Hammacks, along with Peter Hammack's fellow CTY Advisory Council member James Li, reached out to other Goldman Sachs colleagues to build support for CTY, and the community rose to the occasion.

"I think there were a couple of things that resonated with folks: the mission of CTY, and the fact that it was targeting qualified students who have a high level of financial need," Hammack said.

In addition to serving as a CTY board member since 2012, Hammack attended CTY as a teenager, and the couple's two children have taken online and summer courses.

"This is really something I'm passionate about," Hammack said. "CTY was a remarkable educational experience for me, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have participated and want to make sure kids who qualify and need help with the costs can get that help."

This past summer, funds from Goldman Sachs Gives — including a grant directed by the Hammacks — enabled an additional 37 qualified students from around the country to experience CTY programs. Many of these students were from underrepresented minority groups and came from families whose average annual gross family income was $32,000. 

"We know that high ability is everywhere, but opportunity is not," says CTY Executive Director Elaine Tuttle Hansen. "These extremely bright students who had tested and qualified for our programs confirm that claim. The only thing standing in their way was a financial need. I'm very grateful for the support from Goldman Sachs Gives and the Hammacks, which enabled these students to spend their summer learning and thriving."

For more information about CTY or to learn how to support scholarships for deserving students, please contact Margaret Walsh, senior director of development.