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New help for Carey graduate students

Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board scholarship to benefit two students each year
Posted April 12, 2016

They couldn't be more different, yet they share a single goal. The 24 members of the Dean's Alumni Advisory Board of the Carey Business School hail from a diverse range of academic, geographic, and ethnic backgrounds, but are committed as one to advancing the educational excellence and reputation of their school.

They put that commitment into action by creating a new $250,000 endowed scholarship that will be fully funded by the board members themselves. The new Dean's Alumni Advisory Board Scholarship will award $10,000 in annual support to two deserving Carey graduate students each year.

"Never in our wildest dreams did we think that not only would we surpass our original goal of $100,000, but that we would be able to achieve this level of commitment by all members of the board," says Jeri Fellerman, chair of the board and a 2009 graduate.

"We all felt that if we could help students have an opportunity to the same great experiences we had, and to get a degree and go on to make a difference, then that's what we were going to do," she says.

Fellerman sees the establishment of the endowed scholarship as a living commitment, a base upon which she and her fellow alumni can build. "Our plan has always been to award many more scholarships," she says. "We know that the more funding we raise to grow this endowment, the more scholarships we’ll be able to award."

Her fellow board member, Hao Yu, a 2012 graduate and member of charter class of Carey's Global MBA program, says the motivation to create the scholarship was twofold.

"First of all, we wanted to demonstrate our support for the university’s Rising to the Challenge campaign, especially in providing opportunities for today’s students," he says. "And second, we know firsthand the positive, long-term impact an endowed scholarship will have on the school in attracting the best students. Offering financial support is a tool we can leverage."

Building an Active, Strong Alumni Base

As an alumnus and volunteer leader, Yu speaks fondly of his Carey education, in particular, the Global MBA program's Innovation for Humanity project.

This is a collaborative learning experience where students participate in a three-week residency in economically disadvantaged communities, working as consultants to solve a specific business challenge for a local institution or company. "Through this process, we really learned what it means to deal with business issues in emerging economies — and to do business with humanity in mind," says Yu.

Following his graduation, Yu parlayed his Carey internship into a full-time job at the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group. He has since gone on to work for other capital management firms in Hong Kong and Beijing, where he works today.

Although some 6,900 miles from his alma mater, Yu maintains close connections with his fellow Carey graduates and has recently helped to launch the Carey Business School Beijing Alumni Club, whose members are also welcome to participate in the broader Johns Hopkins Alumni Association community in Beijing. "We need to have an active, strong alumni base to ensure the long-term success of the Carey School," he says. "To do that, we need to cultivate local alumni groups, especially those located outside of the United States."

The Next Generation of Leaders

By demonstrating their commitment to Carey, the members of the Dean's Alumni Advisory Board now want to encourage a greater culture of philanthropy among other alumni. "We have a great board — everyone really rallied," Fellerman says. "We’re now challenging our fellow alumni to help us grow the endowment by making a gift and making an impact on the school’s future."

Yu, reflecting on his hopes for the new scholarship and what ripple effects it may have, adds: "Carey is actively involved in developing the next generation of leaders, not just in business but as active citizens of the world. Looking at the graduates we produce every year, I know the school is on the right track, to change our world, and change the way we do business in it."

For more information about how you can support Carey Business School students, please contact Greg Bowden, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations.