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What We've Always Done

Rising to the Challenge campaign continues Hopkins’ legacy
Posted December 29, 2014

Unemployment, political unrest, educational and health disparities – these are a sampling of the many issues the nation and the world faces today.
And yet, they are not unlike those experienced in the post-Civil War era when, back in 1873, Johns Hopkins, a Baltimore businessman and philanthropist, bequeathed his fortune to create a university and hospital that today bear his name.
Now, like then, the people of Johns Hopkins institutions are tackling some of the most daunting societal problems – through the work of Krieger-Eisenhower Professor Robert Moffitt who researches economics and the welfare system; through the leaders graduating each year from the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies; through the creation of Elmer A. Henderson: A Johns Hopkins Partnership School in east Baltimore; through the discovery of innovative treatment approaches at the Kimmel Cancer Center; and through community outreach at the Urban Health Institute, to name just a few.
Rising to the Challenge: The Campaign for Johns Hopkins, with its emphasis on people and with its initiatives devoted to cities, global health, individualized health and the science of learning, is also an extension of this proud tradition.