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Rising: The Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

The Rising to the Challenge campaign seeks support to attract, sustain, and further empower the people of Johns Hopkins – our students, faculty and researchers – who through their work improve the lives of millions around the world. We invite you to preview the campaign priorities for the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

Prepare: Open Doors for the Next Generation

Whether they decide to pursue the humanities or the sciences, our scholars need to be educated in an interdisciplinary and global manner. The Krieger School will build upon its strengths and expert faculty to give the next generation of students more opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research, communicate their work, expand their knowledge beyond the classroom, and set their sights high.

Inspire: Affirm the Central Value of the Humanities

Scholars of the humanities at Johns Hopkins have always been eager to explore human experience and expression. This perspective grows increasingly valuable in a world where communication is instantaneous, people are on the move, and a firm grasp of tradition enables a robust embrace of innovation.

Discover: Pursue Research That Speaks to Global Challenges

Every decade presents new questions for the world’s scientists to investigate, and the Krieger School has long been at the forefront of discovery. From massive data sets, to rapid gene sequencing, to climate change complexities, to emerging economic markets‚ our scholars face new challenges every day. We seek to broaden current research and pioneer new frontiers in the natural and social sciences.

Create: Celebrate the Arts

Creative human expression is a powerful complement to humanistic and scientific reason. By opening new avenues to the arts for our students, we ensure that they will become well-rounded adults, able to appreciate great works of art, theories of harmony, poetic creation, and multiple avenues for creative communication.

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We welcome your interest in, and support for, our important work. Contact us to learn more:

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