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Peter Agre and the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Research Looks for Innovative Ways to Prevent this Deadly Disease
Posted August 20, 2013

Nobel Laureate Peter Agre spearheads the efforts to fight malaria.

Perhaps half of all people who have ever lived have died from malaria – this is a staggering quote from Peter Agre, MD, Med '74, a Nobel laureate and the director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. In this short video, learn how this Bloomberg School of Public Health institute began with support from the Hon. Michael R. Bloomberg, Engr '64, and hear about the institute’s study of the biology of malaria: from the Plasmodium parasite to the mosquito to the transmission of the disease.


I am a Nigerian pharmacist and truthfully, malaria is arguably the most deadly problem sub saharan Africa is confronting at the moment. In addition, as we await the miracle measure to totally eradicate the disease, the menace still claims millions of lives yearly. I want to propose a program that could help to create awareness, provide preventive tools and most importantly reduce the incidence of malaria among pregnant women and hence reduce mother and infant mortality. I really want to help my nation and I'm sure that with your assistance we will have a gigantic impact in eradicating malaria. I can send the project to you and hope that it interests you enough to come and assist us do away with this deadly disease that kills our populace. My Sincere Regards Nwaeze Chimezie (vice president jm lifesavers foundation)

Hi,can I see your project?

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