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'Apocalypse,' Up Close and Personal

The Mural Room:
Take a virtual walk through the second floor of Levering Hall, where Robert Hieronimus' "Apocalypse" mural dazzles from every angle. Use the arrows to turn left and right, or tilt up to see the ceiling, and zoom in and out on sections that catch your eye. You can also check out the artist's reflections on his favorite spaces as you enjoy the tour.

The Staircase:
Hieronimus left no surface unadorned. Imagery in the staircase leading up to Levering's second floor depicts the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations of the past, precursors to the modern era's dominant Egyptian and Judeo-Christian civilizations whose fates are the focus of the mural's main room. Including the room and staircase walls and ceiling, "Apocalypse" covers more than 2,700 square feet.

Want to know more about what you're seeing in "Apocalypse?" Keep this newsletter, created by the Hieronimus during the restoration, handy as you take your virtual tour.