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Rising: Berman Institute of Bioethics

Leading the World in the Ethics of Science, Clinical Care, and Public Health

The Berman Institute of Bioethics is prepared to take on six vital initiatives addressing core ethical challenges in biomedical science, clinical care, and public health.  Your support toward our goals will enable us to provide the conceptual analysis, empirical research, and practical policy guidance for today’s—and tomorrow’s—ethically complex problems.

Our initiatives will make a positive difference in people’s lives and in the work of the health professionals, scientists, and policy makers who serve them. Inequalities in health, rapid innovation in science, too little respect for individuals and human rights—all fuel our sense of urgency to continue this work.

With your support, we will meet the needs of each of these initiatives.

Transforming Health Care

Integrate research and clinical care while fostering respect and dignity for families.

Global Food Ethics/Ethics of Obesity Prevention

Build consesus that has the potential to facilitate real progress in a world where one billion people are undernourished and two billion people are obese or overweight.

Ethics and Policy in Emerging Genetic Technologies

Manage genetic information to realize health benefits for all while protecting individuals and families.

Global Bioethics

Help scientists, researchers, clinicians, and policy makers solve ethical challenges under the burdens of low resources, poor infrastructure, and social injustice. 

Public and Community Engagement

Engage the public and work with communities to progress through highly complex public health, science, and health care issues. 

Cultivating Virtues for Healing and Discovery

Create innovative interventions that nurture, sustain, and reward the virtues of character—humility, creativity, curiosity, gratitude, respect, and compassion—in young scientists and clinicians.

Room to Grow: Deering Hall

Expand our Deering Hall home to support our growing need for faculty offices and workspaces for research collaboration and instruction. 

Take the Next Step

With your support, we can make the world a more ethical place. Your gift is an investment in our mission. Contact us today.

Andrew Rentschler
Senior Director of External Affairs
Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics