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Rising: The Carey Business School

Teaching Business with Humanity in Mind

At the Carey Business School, we create an educational experience at the intersection of business, government, and society, producing new leaders, knowledge, and partnerships that have a positive impact on our world. Your investment will help us attract great students, support faculty research, and participate in exciting new initiatives involving other Hopkins schools and external organizations.  

Teaching the Next Generation

The next generation of business people must be trustworthy, visionary leaders—innovators and builders who are also exemplary citizens. Help us recruit talented students who are eager and able to tackle society’s challenges.

Creating Important Knowledge

The future development of societies will be shaped in part by business, through marketing and commercialization of innovations, healthcare management, real estate infrastructure, financial services, and enterprise risk management. Help us attract and support expert faculty members ready to create new knowledge in these important areas.

Collaborating with Hopkins and External Partners

Your support will enable us to collaborate in exciting programs that bring private sector solutions to significant challenges, from building sustainable businesses on the ground in emerging economies, to commercializing student and faculty innovations across our campuses.

Take the Next Step

With your support, we can be a leader in teaching business with humanity in mind. Contact us today.

Greg Bowden
Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
Carey Business School