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Corporations and Foundations

Achieving Great Things Together

The Rising to the Challenge campaign offers our corporate and foundation partners unique opportunities to invest in the mission of Johns Hopkins. Together, with our philanthropic partners, we can provide life-saving research, educate bright scholars, and address the world’s most complex issues.

Discover how you can rise with us

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations stands ready to guide your organization in developing a relationship with Johns Hopkins that will meet your objectives and support the Johns Hopkins mission of teaching, research, and patient care.

Office of Innovation Initiatives and Corporate Relations

Across Hopkins' many campuses, faculty and researchers are tackling today's biggest problems and developing tomorrow's solutions. And each year, our schools graduate a wealth of highly qualified prospective employees primed for success in a variety of fields. The Office of Innovation Initiatives and Corporate Relations can connect you with opportunities to sustain and benefit from these resources through philanthropic giving, recruiting partnerships, and much more. We look forward to integrating your corporate interests into areas that align with Hopkins' research and academic objectives. Please contact us to learn more.

Daniel Goetzel, Director
(410) 614-2260

Office of Foundation Relations

The Office of Foundation Relations centrally manages relationships between Johns Hopkins and philanthropic foundations. We monitor programs and priorities of major national foundations and key Baltimore-area foundations to identify changes in direction and new initiatives of interest to Johns Hopkins. Our purpose is to maximize funding from foundations to advance Hopkins' groundbreaking research, teaching, and outreach activities by ensuring that each institutional contact with a foundation is strategic and optimized. Ultimately, our goal is to build, enhance, and sustain relationships with a broad range of local, national, and international foundations to promote shared goals and objectives.

Ann Koch, Senior Director
(410) 516-4605

Marcine Snyder, Senior Associate Director
(410) 516-2934

Andrew Isaac, Senior Associate Director
(410) 516-2319

Laura Fuentes, Associate Director
(410) 516-7288

Amy Burdette, Assistant Director
(410) 516-5215

Lyn Post, Administrative Coordinator
(410) 516-8181