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The Deans Speak

What Rising to the Challenge Means For Your School

What do our deans say when asked about Rising to the Challenge? In the videos below, you'll hear firsthand about their new ideas and directions, ongoing needs, and fierce determination to move their schools, and Johns Hopkins, forward.

School of Nursing
Patricia M. Davidson, Dean 

Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Vali Nasr, Dean 

School of Medicine
Paul B. Rothman, Frances Watt Baker, M.D.
and Lenox D. Baker Jr., M.D. Dean

Sheridan Libraries 
Winston Tabb, Sheridan Dean of University Libraries and Museums

Whiting School of Engineering
T.E. "Ed" Schlesinger, Benjamin T. Rome Dean

Carey Business School
Bernard Ferrari, Dean 

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
Beverly Wendland, James B. Knapp Dean 

Peabody Institute
Fred Bronstein, Dean