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‘Aiming high’ and bringing attention to current issues of our day

Posted March 30, 2015
Mona Jia and Gloria Steinem Mona Jia and Gloria Steinem

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem, Obama campaign strategist David Plouffe, and Brandon Stanton, creator of the popular “Human of New York” blog, are among this year’s Foreign Affairs Symposium speakers.

Supported by the Hopkins Parents Fund, the student-led symposium was founded in 1998 as a forum for discourse on diverse current issues. Each year since, it has undergone rapid growth, continuing to expand in size and reach.

“Over the years, we’ve tried to keep the symposium relevant to the most pressing current affairs,” says Mona Jia, a sophomore Krieger School International Studies major and director of public relations for the speaker series.

“Our size and funding enables us to aim for high-profile speakers,” says Jia. “The symposium gives us opportunities to have conversations and experiences we wouldn’t normally have — like having dinner with the former leader of the Syrian opposition and the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria before an event.”

Strengthening this sense of community and enriching the student experience are priorities of the Hopkins Parents Fund and Rising to the Challenge: The Campaign for Johns Hopkins.

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