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Giving FAQs

The Johns Hopkins University, a not-for-profit entity organized under the laws of the State of Maryland, encourages the solicitation and acceptance of gifts to the university for purposes that will help the university to further and fulfill its mission and programs.

The Johns Hopkins University and its staff solicit current and deferred gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations to secure the future growth and mission of the Johns Hopkins University and medicine.

The Johns Hopkins University will accept unrestricted gifts, and gifts for specific programs and purposes, provided that such gifts are not inconsistent with its stated mission, purpose, and priorities. The university will not accept gifts that violate the terms of the corporate charter, are unduly burdensome to administer, pose an unacceptable risk of liability to Johns Hopkins, benefit a specified Johns Hopkins employee or student, or that are for purposes outside the mission of Johns Hopkins.

Why should I give to Johns Hopkins?

Your generosity — and that of other alumni and friends who understand and believe in our mission — enables Johns Hopkins to address unprecedented global challenges, safeguard and enhance health, enrich culture, and advance the frontiers of knowledge. Johns Hopkins’ achievements are your achievements.

How can I give to Johns Hopkins?

There are many ways to give to Johns Hopkins. You can use your credit card on our online giving form; write a check and mail it with our printable giving form;  transfer securities assets such as stocks, bonds, and property; or fund a future gift through a bequest or life-income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity.

To mail a gift or pledge, please complete our printable form and mail it, along with your credit card information or check, to:

Johns Hopkins Office of Annual Giving
3400 N. Charles Street
San Martin Center
Baltimore, MD 21218
Attn: Gift Processing Supervisor

Please make your check payable to The Johns Hopkins University.

Is there an assessment charged to gifts? Why is it important?

As is common with higher education institutions and other non-profit organizations across the United States, the university applies a one-time assessment to all gifts. The amount of the assessment is determined by the university’s Board of Trustees. The current Johns Hopkins University assessment is 4%. This assessment is used to help support the cost of the university’s development efforts.

Are gifts to Medicine assessed differently?

Gifts to Johns Hopkins Medicine are assessed at a different rate. Endowment gifts are assessed at 15 percent and current use gifts are assessed at 20 percent. These funds are used to support the Clinical and Academic Fund. Approximately two-thirds of these funds are allocated to support services and academic space for the faculty. The remaining funds are earmarked to support the mission of care, research, and education within Johns Hopkins Medicine as designated by the dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Are there additional assessments?

A number of clinical departments have an additional assessment which supports the mission of care, research, and education as determined by the department chair. The Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center assesses 10% for faculty support; Department of Medicine assesses 3% on current use gifts; Wilmer Eye Institute assesses 5% on current use gifts (3% supports department development, 2% supports junior faculty and basic scientists with funding gaps); and Neurology assesses 3%.

In addition, the Bloomberg School of Public Health (SPH) has an additional assessment of 6% that is used to support scholarships. Gifts for scholarships to the SPH are not assessed.

I give every year, but want to do more to support Johns Hopkins. How do I find out what else I can do?

Opportunities for alumni and friends to give their time and expertise as volunteers exist across Johns Hopkins schools and campuses. Contact the Office of Volunteer Engagement at 410-516-6337 to find out what opportunity would fit you best.

Is there a difference between giving to an annual fund and giving to the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association?

Yes. Gifts to any of our numerous annual funds and those to the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association are made to separate entities for different purposes. Gifts to annual funds provide support and resources to university initiatives and programs. Gifts to the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association support the professional engagement, networking opportunities, and other programs and services provided for alumni around the world.

If I’m making a gift, may I specify where to allocate the gift?

Yes. You can direct your gift to any school, center, department, or program by indicating so on your giving form.

Can I give to a program other than the one listed on my contribution card?

Yes. On your contribution card, write in the designation you would like to support on the “Other” line and mail it back to us. You can also give online with a credit card and designate your gift to the program of your choice.

I’d like to make incremental gifts to Johns Hopkins throughout the year. May I do this?

Yes. Recurring credit card gifts can be made in any amount and scheduled for your convenience. Gifts like these allow you to make a larger commitment and space out the payment; they also ensure consistent support for Johns Hopkins. To make an incremental/recurring credit card gift, give online.

Can I make a partial payment on a pledge?

Yes. You can partially pay your pledge by credit card using our online giving form or by mailing in the pledge reminder receipt sent to you by Johns Hopkins with your payment.

How can I find out more about making a gift of stock or putting Johns Hopkins in my estate plans?

Contact Johns Hopkins' Office of Gift Planning for more information about these and other kinds of planned gifts.

After I make a gift, will I receive a receipt to be used for tax purposes?

Yes. Johns Hopkins will mail a tax receipt within two weeks of receiving your gift. If you do not receive a receipt, contact us at or 800-548-5422.

How do matching gifts work?

If your employer matches charitable contributions from employees, you may be able to double or even triple the value of your gift. Obtain a form from your company's human resources department, complete it, and mail to:

Johns Hopkins Development and Alumni Relations
Business Services
Johns Hopkins at Keswick
3910 Keswick Road, Suite N2100
Baltimore, MD 21211
Attn: Matching Gifts Department
Fax: 443-997-9018

How do I make a gift in honor of or in memory of an individual?

You can make a gift in the honor or memory of an individual and direct it to an appropriate program or fund on our online giving form or by informing us with a note accompanying your mailed gift. After you have named your honoree, you may opt for Johns Hopkins to send an acknowledgement to that individual.

To mail a gift or pledge, please complete our printable giving form and mail it, along with your credit card information or check, to:

Johns Hopkins Office of Annual Giving
3400 N. Charles Street
San Martin Center
Baltimore, MD 21218
Attn: Gift Processing Supervisor

My question is not answered here. Whom should I contact?

Contact the Office of Annual Giving at 410-516-3400 or