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Solving Global Problems as One University

Investing in Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Top thinkers across our schools and divisions are tackling enormous environmental, social, scientific, health, and educational problems that affect us all.

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Improving Life for Millions of People

In Rising to the Challenge, we are helping our faculty, clinicians, and students take on enormous global problems for which they are exceptionally well-positioned:

In doing so, we are not only providing new answers and new programs that will improve life for millions of people in Baltimore, the United States, and around the world, we are also strengthening the bonds that already exist across our schools and divisions and meeting President Daniels’ call to work together as one university.

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Help Us Sustain Our Global Initiatives

Our initiatives are already making progress, using philanthropic and university funding to:

  • Offer seed grants to support faculty members' most innovative research
  • Support graduate student researchers who will become tomorrow’s leaders
  • Build partnerships and share findings with a range of stakeholders, from other leading researchers to lay people around the world.

Our challenge is to provide funding to sustain the work we have begun and make each initiative a viable enterprise that can function in the long term. We ask that you explore each of our initiatives and consider making a gift through our secure online giving form.