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Help support Johns Hopkins' vital work around the world

  • Inaugural Tutu Professor Chris Beyrer fights for health and human rights internationally and nationally Watch »

  • Through philanthropy and fundraising, members of the Center for Talented Youth's East Asia Advisory Group enable 31 low-income students to attend Hong Kong programs Read more »

  • New Kissinger Center emphasizes multidisciplinary approach to global affairs Watch »

  • The Indo-Hopkins Women’s Health Initiative addresses women's health in India at every stage of life and seeks to reduce maternal mortality, infant mortality, cervical cancer deaths, and gender-based violence by 20 percent Read more »

  • Dedicated volunteers Cynthia and Chris Chan play an integral role in establishing the Hong Kong Parents Leadership Council Read more »

  • Philanthropic support helps Gynecology and Obstetrics resident Meghana Desale make an unforgettable voyage to treat patients in need in rural India Read more »

  • 'Pigs for Peace' microfinance program improves mental health for women in the DRC Read more »

  • Alumni volunteers carry the popular Bloomberg Centennial 100 Dinners program around the world Read more »

For more than 100 years, Johns Hopkins has brought together its powerful research capabilities, renowned educational programs, and dedicated alumni to serve not only America's needs but those of people and nations all over the world. We help to:

  • Improve foreign organizations' practices in health, diplomacy, policy, business, technology, and other fields.
  • Educate the world's top students through domestic and overseas academic programs.
  • Increase American students' understanding and appreciation of foreign peoples and cultures.  
  • Foster strong international alumni communities and support their networking, recruitment, and philanthropic programs.

You can help in this important work. Take a look at the examples of our work — only a few of the many! — provided on this page. Then contact us to learn more about these and other opportunities, for which your gifts are needed at every level.  

Johns Hopkins works to improve life across the globe. You can help.

If your interest lies in helping Hopkins make life better for millions of people, here are only two of the many Hopkins divisions you can support.

The faculty and students of the Bloomberg School of Public Health operate in more than 100 countries around the world, helping governments and organizations improve health care and battle disease.   

The Whiting School of Engineering trains students to travel to foreign countries and solve real-world problems, from building a daycare center in Ecuador to improving village water supplies in South Africa.

By supporting these and the many other efforts across Hopkins schools, you can help bring Hopkins expertise where it is needed most.

Johns Hopkins trains brilliant students to solve problems all over the world. You can help.

If you are focused on producing tomorrow's experts — young people who can solve pressing problems anywhere in the world — consider these examples among the many Hopkins educational programs that need your support.

The Nitze School of Advanced International Studies operates campuses in Washington, DC, Bologna, and Nanjing. We prepare new generations of experts in diplomacy, public policy, national security, and business development.

The Carey Business School enrolls students from more than 60 countries. Through its Global MBA Program, Carey trains students to solve problems and develop new opportunities across the globe.

A Special Need: Your help is needed to establish scholarships and fellowships that make it easier for foreign undergraduate and graduate students to obtain a Hopkins education. Endowed undergraduate scholarships are eligible for the President's Match. Please consider helping our foreign students.

Johns Hopkins teaches American students to understand the world. You can help.

If you want to help Hopkins broaden the perspectives of its students — many of America's best — here are only a few of the programs that would benefit from your support.

Whether studying art history at the Louvre or improving Arabic skills in Jordan, hundreds of Krieger School and Whiting School undergraduates annually participate in Study Abroad programs and learn to see themselves as citizens of the world.

From the School of Medicine's International Experiences for Medical Students Program, to the School of Nursing's International Visiting Scholars Program, Johns Hopkins enables thousands of students to learn about other countries and cultures and how their work can make a difference there.

Through your help, we can expand our students' access to international experiences that will guide them in their professional and personal lives.

Johns Hopkins alumni and parents are active around the world. You can join them.

In 13 countries today (see listing at right), our alumni communities help graduates build their professional contacts, find mentors, and develop foreign study, internship, research, and business opportunities for Hopkins professors and students. Our parent communities host receptions for visiting Hopkins leaders, guide top local students to Hopkins, and share information with new parents. We need your leadership to grow existing alumni and parent communities and launch new ones.

Speak with us or give online. We're here to help.

Johns Hopkins is eager to discuss your ideas for a gift in support of our international work. If you live outside the United States, we can guide you through the process and advise you about tax and other considerations in making a gift to a U.S. institution.  Of course, you can also make a gift online at any time.

To learn more, please contact one of our team members below:

Hugh Sullivan
Johns Hopkins University
3400 North Charles Street, SMC 231
Baltimore, MD 21218
+1 (410)-516-6280

Olivia Lacroze
Assistant Director, Latin America and Special Projects
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles Street, SMC 231
Baltimore, MD 21218
+1 (410) 516-4337

Jon Goldstein
Associate Director, Europe
Johns Hopkins University
3400 North Charles Street, SMC 148
Baltimore, MD  21218
+1(410) 516-6233

Amanda Gursky
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Johns Hopkins University
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