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Rising with Jay Lenrow, Alumni Council president

Jay Lenrow leads us all to give back to Johns Hopkins in so many ways
Posted March 19, 2015
Jay Lenrow with alumna Hallie Jackson at the #JHUSymposium2015 Jay Lenrow with alumna Hallie Jackson at the #JHUSymposium2015

"The Hopkins experience is a lot like exploring the Manhattan phone book," says Jay Lenrow, A&S '73, Parent '10, an attorney in private practice in Baltimore. "The entire world is yours to discover." Enjoying this opportunity, he says, also confers a responsibility.

"Someone in the admissions office looked at my application and believed in my potential. As a result, I've been able to interact with some of the most fascinating women and men -- from heads of state to heads of business."

That has led Lenrow to give back and to encourage others, including his family, to join him. Today, he serves as a Johns Hopkins University trustee, president of the Alumni Council of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association, Johns Hopkins Legacy Society ambassador, and a Hopkins advocate and supporter of the Rising to the Challenge campaign.

"What my family and I have learned is that volunteering and giving to Johns Hopkins can change people's lives," Lenrow says. "Every time you give, volunteer, or read about some Hopkins achievement, you're reminded of what a privilege it is to be associated with a community that does so much for so many."

Much of Lenrow's mission as president of the Alumni Council stems from observing the school from another perspective -- that of his daughter Liz, Engr '10 -- and from how Hopkins has evolved since he attended college and how it can keep getting better.

In the two years ahead, Lenrow plans to encourage other alumni to become as active as they can in the Hopkins community. Already, he is boosting communication on social media platforms and through one-on-one meetings with student and alumni organizations from all divisions. The feedback he receives will inspire new programming and goals for the association, which will strengthen the bonds alumni have with one another -- and with the university and future students.

See the Johns Hopkins Magazine on the Hub to learn about Jay Lenrow's ideas, goals, and commitment to drive the Alumni Association, and Johns Hopkins, forward.

And alumni, from one Jay to another, be sure to connect with Jay on Twitter @JHAA_President