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Blue Jays family sees the value in a well-rounded Homewood campus

NY-based parents volunteer to enhance campus extracurricular activities
Posted October 30, 2013
Eric Kornblau and Stacy Kanter Eric Kornblau and Stacy Kanter

Stacy Kanter and Eric Kornblau have Hopkins Blue Jays blood running through them, even though they didn’t actually step foot on campus until they both had careers and two nearly grown children. During an East Coast college tour in 2007, Kanter made a visit with their eldest son Jonathan to the Homewood campus. He found his home here, and so began a new chapter for himself, his brother Sam who is a freshman this fall, and his parents.

Kanter and Kornblau, both attorneys from New York, will soon return to Baltimore for JHU Family Weekend 2013. They will be participating in Parents College on Friday, November 1. Parents College offers parents the opportunity to attend classes taught by Hopkins faculty and experience what students are exposed to daily. This year, three signature initiatives of the Rising to the Challenge campaign will be presented: Individualized Health, American City, and Water. As parent representatives on the Rising to the Challenge Campaign Cabinet, Kanter and Kornblau will introduce each of the faculty speakers and the topics to those attending “class.”

“I think that parents look at Hopkins as a world renowned institution and these signature initiatives are a way for our kids to participate in the research that goes into making an immediate impact for faculty, students, and the world,” said Kornblau.

With Sam a freshman this year, Kanter and Kornblau will also experience something most parents don’t have an opportunity to — they will begin their fifth year of involvement with Johns Hopkins. Since fall 2008, they have been active on the Hopkins Parents Council, including chairing the group from 2010-2012. The council consists of engaged parents who provide leadership support for the Hopkins Parents Fund while developing friendships with other parents, and interacting with university faculty and administration. The members also host events in their hometowns and connect with freshman parents to offer assistance and answer questions.

“The Hopkins Parents Council is a terrific way for parents to gain a very personal view of the university. By volunteering and supporting the university, we have played a part in enhancing the extracurricular opportunities, such as President’s Day of Service, Dinners with the Dean, lectures and symposia, for the undergraduate students, which means that we are also making a positive and immediate impact on our sons’ undergraduate experiences and that of their peers,” said Kanter.

Kanter and Kornblau have instilled in their children a strong sense of supporting programs offered at Hopkins. Jonathan, a 2012 Krieger School graduate, made his first gift to the Hopkins Fund less than a year after Commencement. He also helped lead the senior class giving campaign during his senior year. (His parents are proud of their Blue Jay.)