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Rising: The Sheridan Libraries and University Museums

Making Discovery Possible: Connecting Collections and People

The Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries and University Museums are vital to the scholarly pursuits of faculty and students. We seek to raise $55 million so that the libraries and museums can have an even greater impact on the teaching and research inherent in rising to the challenges of our day.

Reimagining Libraries in the Information Age

Help us reimagine the role of the libraries in this new and ever-evolving information age by supporting revitalization of infrastructure and leveraging of technology.

Center for Education Resources Directorship

An endowed directorship will ensure the Center’s continued impact on pedagogical excellence, instructional technology, and student outcomes assessment. Additional program support will fund student-faculty partnerships to develop digital resources.

Milton S. Eisenhower Library Revitalization

The Library’s role and usage has changed since it opening in 1964. Help us to meet our user expectations and needs with a holistic approach to changes within the building.

Our Cathedral of Books: The George Peabody Library

The 300,000-volume collection offers a window into the scholarly interest of the 19th century. We seek to restore it to the active research library its founder and namesake imagined.

Annual Giving: Friends of the Libraries

Annual gifts are essential to our efforts to build and strengthen the Libraries’ collections, both print and digital, while making technological enhancements that foster the research and teaching aims of the university.

Advancing Book and Paper Conservation

With more than a third of our Libraries' paper-based collections at risk, your support for active materials science research, education, and innovation is vital.

Enhancing Digital Scholarship

Your support will help faculty and students to discover and explore the past using digital technology.

Strengthening Homewood Museum

Help preserve the historic building and its collections through support for special preservation projects and public outreach programs.

Preserving Evergreen

To ensure the museum’s long-term stability, your help is needed to support preservation initiatives, public programming, and general operations.

Take the Next Step

We welcome your interest in, and support for, our important work. Read our case statement or contact us to learn more:

Sylvia Eggleston Wehr
Associate Dean for External Affairs
The Sheridan Libraries and University Museums
Johns Hopkins University
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218