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Missing from Middle School

Education Expert’s Warning Signs for Dropping Out of School
Posted April 30, 2013

Robert Balfanz, A&S ’84, a professor at the School of Education and co-director of the Everyone Graduates Center, was among 10 education experts named White House Champions of Change for their commitment to furthering education among African Americans and was honored in a February ceremony at the White House.

Johns Hopkins Magazine sat down with Balfanz to discuss his work with low-performing schools nationwide. Balfanz has pinpointed behaviors of middle school students that are early indicators for students dropping out of school. And it turns out those behaviors, including chronic absenteeism, affect more than the kids who are on the trajectory of dropping out, but also those who are in class.

From Johns Hopkins Magazine
“… Balfanz likened absenteeism to bacteria in a hospital—something unseen that nevertheless can create havoc for those kids who are in class.”