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Johns Hopkins is committed to improving Baltimore and cities around the world

Posted April 8, 2015

We all know mid-sized, post-industrial American cities that seem hopelessly locked in the past. And while civic leaders have pursued traditional approaches for attracting industry, building tourism, repairing infrastructure, and improving schools, they've rarely achieved significant, long-lasting gains. Many find themselves unable to define problems in actionable terms, determine whether policies actually result in change and are worth the cost, and elicit citizens' interest and help.

This realization — that city leaders and citizens lack the information they need to understand their challenges and propose and evaluate policies that transcend traditional solutions — lies at the heart of the 21st Century Cities Initiative.

We are a knowledge-creation enterprise that is data-driven, interdisciplinary across Johns Hopkins, dedicated to producing innovative research and future leaders, and deeply engaged with civic partners — both leaders and citizens. We need your gifts to accelerate what we have begun.

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