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Rising: Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Educating Global Leaders for Tomorrow's Challenges

Thanks to more than 5,800 donors, the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (Johns Hopkins SAIS) has made important strides in Rising to the Challenge: The Campaign for Johns Hopkins. We have established the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, bringing at least 10 new faculty here specializing in international affairs and long-term strategic analysis. In collaboration with the undergraduate international studies program of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, we have created the Aronson Center for International Studies to sharpen our focus on conflict resolution in such critical regions as the Middle East. We have built a stronger base of support for core needs such as fellowships.

In extending our campaign's end date from June 2017 to June 2018, we have raised our philanthropic goal to $170 million from $160 million, signaling that there is more to do. We invite you to read on and learn about our priorities for the extended campaign. With your partnership, we will: 

Transform fellowship support by endowing new full-tuition fellowships to ensure excellence in our student body and enrich the school with students whose backgrounds and life experiences are underrepresented at the school. 

"The funding I’ve received has made an enormous impact on my time at Johns Hopkins SAIS. Not only has it allowed me to delve deep into my graduate studies, but it has also given me the freedom and the time to take on leadership roles in the student life and extracurricular activities that make the school such an enriching place."
— Sierra Bayles, MA '16, Lucius D. Battle Fellow, Broze Family Fellow, President of the Global Women in Leadership student organization

Revolutionize the student experience by creating more opportunities for experiential learning both in and outside of the classroom.

Summer internships, practica, and co-curricular trips ensure that current students can put their academic learning into practice. Guaranteeing these unique, hands-on experiences will continue to distinguish us from peer institutions, providing the programs and resources they need to excel and make an impact not just in a few years but today.

Cultivate faculty excellence and diversity by providing teaching and research support to faculty the school's 20 programs.

Assemble the smartest and most dedicated people, give them the resources and facilities they need, and they'll change the world. With this seemingly simple formula, the faculty and students of Johns Hopkins SAIS have produced unparalleled new knowledge and unequalled progress in the sphere of practice, where ideas incubated in classrooms take flight.

Modernize our classrooms and facilities to enhance teaching and learning, through targeted renovation.

There is an adage that "people make places, and places make people." Cultivating a welcoming, pedagogically-sound environment for teaching and learning has a direct effect on how — and how well — students learn, and it crafts their sense of identity as budding policy-makers. A state-of-the-art learning space will also help attract top students and professors to the school. 

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