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Help Our Faculty Bring Life-Changing Hopkins Innovations to the World

With your support, entrepreneurship at Hopkins is ready to soar

Across decades and disciplines, Johns Hopkins has served as a powerful catalyst for discovery, a rich source of innovation that improves lives around the world.

Today, whether in the sciences, engineering, medicine, or social causes, our faculty and students are discovering new knowledge, new technologies, and new techniques, and working to develop these as products and services that can be put to positive use in the world—see the stories on this page for a few examples.

You can help.

Introducing Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

To maximize the impact of the university's research, we have created Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, a new initiative that facilitates the translation and commercialization of discoveries into accessible technologies, products, and services for the benefit of society.

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures helps to accelerate implementation of brilliant ideas; attract and retain entrepreneurial faculty and students; provide the university a new source of revenue that may be re-invested in research, educational, clinical, and service activities; and catalyze economic development in Baltimore.

How You Can Help

There are many ways to foster and support faculty and student entrepreneurs at Johns Hopkins. These include:

With your support, we can help our start-ups bring life-changing Hopkins innovations to the world.

You may make a gift through our secure online giving form, or contact:

Daniel Goetzel
Director of Innovation Initiatives and Corporate Relations
Phone: 410-516-6249