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Behind the Scenes with a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Posted May 31, 2016
Paul Ferraro Paul Ferraro

For the past two years, the Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships have recruited and honored faculty in the service of interdisciplinary scholarship. But what does being an "interdisciplinarian" at Hopkins really mean? Paul Ferraro, who holds appointments in the Carey Business School and the Whiting School of Engineering, has a few ideas. In this recent conversation with Carey Business magazine, Ferraro gives a peek into the life of a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, as well as insight into how the post's funding is advancing his research about the environmental and social impacts of public and private programs.

"For the past couple decades, it's been recognized that our most difficult problems require interdisciplinary collaboration," Ferraro says in the article. "The problems don’t just have one cause or solution. They’re multidimensional. So the solutions have to be as well. The environment is a great example. It touches on politics, the economy, culture, health, biology, and more. Understanding all of these underlying phenomena is important."

The Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships, established in 2014 by a generous gift from Hopkins alumnus, philanthropist, and three-term New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, are designed to galvanize resources, research, and educational opportunities to address major world problems.