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Bringing music to the masses

Peabody musicians delight students and citizens with pop-up concerts across Baltimore
Posted July 13, 2016

Winds on a water taxi? Horns in a hospital? Strings in a school? Anything was possible one afternoon this spring, when troupes of Peabody musicians crisscrossed Baltimore to give short, surprise concerts as part of the second Peabody Pop-Ups program.

Peabody Pop-Ups debuted in 2015, when students performed unannounced around Hopkins' Homewood, East Baltimore, and Harbor East campuses during the final-exam study period. This year, students expanded their stage, playing for audiences in Penn Station, City Hall, Margaret Brent Elementary School and — yes — on a water taxi in the Inner Harbor, among other atypical venues.

Trace the troupes' journeys around town in this Animap.

"Peabody Pop-Ups give our students an opportunity to build community and connect with our neighbors by offering music in unexpected places," said Sarah Hoover '08 (Peab), special assistant to Peabody Dean Fred Bronstein. "They also learn a lot about performing in unusual spaces and engaging with audiences."

Peabody Pop-Ups represent one way the conservatory, under Bronstein's leadership, is working to build a national model for community engagement in the arts.