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A picture is worth a thousand words

The Evergreen Museum and ancient illuminated manuscripts serve as inspiration for student-created narratives
Posted February 21, 2017

A recent installation in the Evergreen Museum and Library, Photographs and Text: The Art of the Narative, showcases a unique set of "artist's books" created by undergraduate visual arts students. The five prints, which merge original photographs and text to create personal stories, are inspired by the medieval practice of illuminated manuscripts and were created as part of a course taught by photography instructor Phyllis Berger and alumna Betty Sweren.

"This exhibition is the embodiment of Evergreen's mission to inspire students," says Jim Abbott, the Philip Franklin Wagley Director and Curator, Evergreen Museum and Library. "Professor Berger's class invests in the collections first as visitors with cameras — artists seeking inspiration, but it is through their sharing of finished works via exhibitions like this that the museum really comes to life."