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Rising to the Challenge: Boston

Hacking drones. WikiLeaks. Your thermostat and toaster ganging up on you. Hopkins experts address the critical cybersecurity risks we all face and the solutions Hopkins is developing to contain them.
Posted April 10, 2017

The increasing prevalence of digital hacks, breaches, and theft reduces not only our personal safety and privacy but also our trust in businesses, social institutions, our own government, and those of other countries.

The complexity of cyber threats demands multidisciplinary solutions, including new military and diplomatic strategies, technologies, policy development, education, business standards and practices, and public advocacy.

Luckily, as with critical challenges that we have met in the past, we have the people of the Johns Hopkins University and its Applied Physics Laboratory to help us prevail.

Hundreds of Hopkins alumni, parents, and friends recently gathered in Boston and online to engage top faculty experts in a dialogue about the critical cybersecurity risks we face — and the multidisciplinary solutions Hopkins is developing to contain them.

Recapture the inspiration from our Boston event by watching and sharing a video of the panel discussion with your family and friends or by browsing photos from the event and reposting your favorites (be sure to tag yourself and your friends).

To learn more, including how you can make a gift to support cybersecurity work at Johns Hopkins, please contact:

Andrew Rentschler
Executive Director, Rising to the Challenge campaign
Phone: 410-516-0470