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The Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative

Transforming the Use of Information in Human Health Holds Amazing Promise

As our scientists continue to examine the causes of disease, and develop earlier detection strategies and more targeted therapies, we will apply their discoveries to clinical care in ways never before possible.


The Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative will bring together physicians, scientists, engineers, and information experts to connect and analyze huge databases of clinical information, plus new data sources such as DNA sequences, methylation analyses, RNA expression levels, protein structures, and high-tech images. The initiative will help doctors to customize treatment for the individual patient, reduce unnecessary — and often painful — testing, recommend behavioral changes, and improve preventive measures.

Over time, the information gained through the initiative will improve the health management for entire groups of people. The initiative will create a new model of health care that will

  • Accelerate bioscience and data science discoveries that advance patient and population health
  • Accurately match a patient to the most effective prevention and intervention protocols
  • Empower individuals with greater understanding of how to promote their own health and well-being, and
  • Move beyond healing the sickest to also preserving and enhancing health.

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