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Annual Giving

Every Gift Matters

Alumni, parents, students, and friends impact the world every day

When you give to one of the annual funds across our campuses, you support the people of Johns Hopkins — scientists, artists, engineers, teachers, physicians, business leaders — who are addressing the most complex problems of our time, making new discoveries, and finding new ways to interpret our world. Johns Hopkins depends on annual, private gift dollars to provide opportunities for promising young scholars to attend Johns Hopkins and to sustain the work of our schools, centers, and institutes. You can designate your gift to any school, program, department, or project at Johns Hopkins.

Your Gift Matters

Many scholarship recipients are supported by a number of relatively modest funding sources which together enable them to complete their studies.  You may establish such a funding source, or contribute to an existing one, at the level that is right for you. You may direct your gift to help students in a specific area within the university, or allow the university to apply your gift where it is needed most.