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School of Nursing builds deep connections throughout Baltimore

Posted June 29, 2018

Johns Hopkins' reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and patient care is well known, particularly its impact abroad. But with data, experience, creativity, and best practices firmly in tow, researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing — with peers in medicine, public health, social work, and number crunching — use Baltimore's diversity of race and ethnicity, socioeconomics, geography, and health risk factors to develop interventions that work here.

"Some of the same issues we're seeing abroad clearly impact communities here — issues of access, stigma, medical mistrust," explains Derek Dangerfield, a postdoctoral scholar with the REACH Initiative at the School of Nursing and a Baltimore native. "All those things we go abroad to study we can intervene on right here working with the Baltimore City Health Department. And we need to."

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