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Senior Class Giving

Making your senior class gift is more than just a right of passage, it's how Hopkins seniors give back to the parts of University that mean the most to them. Whether it's going towards scholarships, financial aid, a sports team, a department, or even in honor of your favorite professors - senior gifts matter!
In 2017, gifts of $25 or less totaled more than half a million dollars to the institution. These small gifts make big impacts when combined together. If the entire class of 2019 made a gift of $20.19 to financial aid, it would pay for a full semester of tuition.
If you want to see the impact of senior class gifts, just take a look at your own experience. Generations of Hopkins alumni started their own legacies during senior year and have gone on to create lasting impacts for current students like yourself. Think buildings, professorships, labs, scholarships, and more.
Remember, Bloomberg’s first gift was just $5. What will be your first gift? Make your gift today!

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