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Enriching the Student Experience

Helping Hopkins Students Today and in the Future

Your endowment gift helps us — in perpetuity — to attract and sustain great Hopkins students.

The Urgent Need for Endowed Financial Aid

Johns Hopkins Has Always Been a Place for Students with the Restless Desire to Do More.

Across all disciplines, in the classroom, the lab, and the studio, here in Baltimore and in distant communities, our students search for and develop ideas that make the world a better place.

To see some great examples of our students at work, just click on the stories shown on this page. 

You can help more of our students make an impact in the world.

With your gift, we can attract and sustain the very best students, regardless of need. With your gift, we can provide the programs and resources they need to excel and make an impact, not just in a few years, but today. With your gift, our students can graduate with lower debt and launch careers as the new leaders our world needs.

Please help. Gifts of every size are needed and appreciated. 

It's Easy to Help Our Students

On our secure online giving page, you can give to support students in many ways. Look for the school or division of your choice (and for undergraduate and graduate student options) and for alumni and parents funds.

To learn how to establish a scholarship or fellowship, a new student program, or a student resource or facility, contact the appropriate development officer below: 

Berman Institute: Andrew Rentschler
Bloomberg School of Public Health: Heath Elliott
Carey Business School: Greg Bowden
Center for Talented Youth: Margaret Walsh
Johns Hopkins Medicine: Steve Rum
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences: Debra Lannon
Nitze School of Advanced International Studies: Kimberle Morton
Peabody Institute: Jessica Lunken
School of Education: Michele Y. Ewing
School of Nursing: Akudo Anyanwu
Sheridan Libraries and University Museums: Sylvia Eggleston Wehr
Whiting School of Engineering: Megan Howie