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Peabody and Baltimore gospel churches strike “a chord”

Professor Andrew Talle connects students with local music tradition
Posted August 6, 2013

Video: Renee Fischer

Peabody Professor Andrew Talle Peabody Professor Andrew Talle

It began by chance, with two individuals waiting at a car repair shop. But after the two struck up a conversation, they learned they had music in common. Before long, Minister of Music Marcus Smith of ARK Church on North Avenue invited cellist and Peabody Professor Andrew Talle to come to a service and hear his choir perform. Recognizing the important connection between art and music and the vibrancy of a community, Talle did attend and was so impressed he created a new course, a graduate seminar in musicology, involving a reading and writing component, but also visiting and performing at Baltimore area gospel churches. All agree both Peabody and the churches are benefiting from the exposure to the different styles and discovering the commonalities.